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Hardware Distribution

Hardware Distribution

JDT distributes worldwide the most innovative products and latest trend of the leading brands, ensuring a high level of support.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

We can develop any type of mobile application perfect for your needs. The mobile world is now an essential part of the IT business.

Custom Network Solutions

Custom Network Solutions

We offer customized network solutions and optimized for each type of activity.

About Us

Distribution of products for computing, this has always been our "core business" and always base our strategy on elements that distinguish us: competence, quality and innovation. Today we are one of the main protagonists of the distribution business, specializing in personal computers and their components, notebooks, monitors, peripherals and accessories, networking products more advanced.

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Front-End Development

Software Updates

We are redesigning all of our automation software that we use on the farm, we're recreating them in the head with the latest programming technologies.

Online Marketing

IT Marketing Growing

Continue to grow the IT market, you do not see the crisis for the field of silicon, in the meantime, Intel announces big news for the next few months.

Expose Framework

Expose is a flexible and powerful rapid development theme framework for joomla1.5 and 1.6 with a very small footprint provides an extensible environment for developing, maintaining, and deploying high quality themes. Choosing Expose allows you to release your themes earlier, host and scale them without problem, and maintain them over time with no surprise.

Expose is based on experience. It does not reinvent the wheel: it uses most of the best practices of web development and integrates nicely with joomla framework with some great third-party libraries.

Key Features

  • Flexible Layout system, gives you more control over your layouts.
  • Stunning Administrator interface
  • 52 base module positions. Easily add more!
  • Up to 3 layout combination
  • Mobile platform support includes iPad, iPhone and Android.
  • RTL support.
  • CSS and JS code compression allow you to leveraging browser loading speed.
  • Domination over Typography.
  • Full control over Styling.
  • Many built-in features such as to top smooth scroll, Image lazy loader, Modernizr, image fading, google analytics and much more
  • Easy integration with any third party scripts, extensions and styles.
  • Google Web Fonts, load custom fonts from Googles's Font Directory
  • Built in jQuery.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.