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Dynamic value-added distributor

Distribution of products for computing, this has always been our "core business" and always base our strategy on elements that distinguish us: competence, quality and innovation. Today we are one of the main protagonists of the distribution business, specializing in personal computers and their components, notebooks, monitors, peripherals and accessories, networking products more advanced.

With a highly qualified staff, we diversify from its competitors for the "value added." In fact, in addition to the reliable and proven activities "box moving", we provide our customers with technical support, conditions and trade instruments, adapted to address a market evolving as the ITC.

Organization web-based

Instrument of great success is the advanced e-commerce platform Theseus ®. Via the browser without installing additional software and you can browse our products, updated in real-time in the prices and availability of the goods at the warehouse and the peripheral ones; status of orders; commercial and technical information; promotions, offers and news; financial statements and warranty. In short, a work tool working well today carries more than 90% of all orders from our customers. 

The offer

Step by step we have established relationships with major vendors for each product category and our offer is characterized by breadth and depth of range.

An increasing number of operators in the sector relies on Comet, aware of finding the most advanced products and solutions, the best brands, the most competitive prices, the wider availability of stock and especially the service more efficient and personalized service. The consents received testify to the competitiveness of our offer.


From single computer shop chains, from professional dealers to local distributors to supermarket chains, our customers are all those organizations working in the field of information technology products and solutions that resell hardware and software.